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Personalized Community Revitalization that lasts a lifetime.

"Mister Rogers Welcome to Our Neighborhood" 
Customizable Trolley House Number Sign!!

Jarod Trunzo   Jarod Trunzo

John Amatucci, left,  (who came up with the idea for the residential home sign) and his family proudly pose with the first ever Mr. Rogers Welcome to Our Neighborhood House Number Sign at their home!  Anyone within the upper 48 states is welcome to purchase their very own! Whether you are a resident, former resident who has moved away, or never lived in Latrobe and appreciate and love the message that Mr. Rogers stood for - you can get your custom order in today!  These signs can also be used to proudly mark the address of your business.

The Mister Rogers Trolley Street Sign! 

Consider replacing the old, green, antiquated street signs with this beautiful, custom-made and trademarked street sign.  This signature Trolley street sign will replace a street sign of your choosing!  These custom signs are locally made and come with up to two high sign blades and a reinforced design.  The sign pole will include a lifelong plaque with your choice of text to memorialize a family member, business, or community cause.  Split up the cost of this with your neighbors, or if you are a business, consider buying several for the residents you serve!   Join us in replacing hundreds of street signs over the next ten years until each street sign shows off Latrobe’s finest, in honor of the one and only Mister Rogers!
Total cost, includes inscription and full installation.

Please download the below forms today to order your custom Mister Rogers Street sign! 

Order form and example

Current/antiquated  sign                                NEW DESIGN! 


*Please allow approximately 90 days for your order to be processed, your custom sign to be locally manufactored, delivered, and properly installed.   New signs will be placed at the intersection of your choosing and will be at the discretion of Public Works to place in the safest, most visible location of a given intersection. 


Street Tree 


Consider allowing us to install for you a salt-resistant, columnar street tree the right way!  A properly installed street tree is an effective way to participate in city-wide revitalization efforts.  If properly planted, street trees are proven to increase property values up to 10%, calm traffic, serve as a sound barrier once mature, purify the air, increase foot traffic to store fronts, save money on utilizes, and help manage excessive storm water.   We will supply you with a framed, 8 x 10 photo of the planted tree with wording of your choosing to remember the tree for years to come as it grows. 

$500.00  Includes 8 to 12 foot planted tree with  framed photo

We offer the highest quality in street furniture available  through our partnership with Pennsylvania Keystone Ridge Designs - Lamplighter series. These products have a Victorian appeal that befits both a historical and modern mix of streetscape.  The full cast aluminum is manufactured right here in Latrobe.  With industrial grade powder coating, our furniture can withstand difficult climate conditions for many years and the optional engraving is also made with the high quality cast aluminum which will never rust.  

Lamplighter Bench with Plaque


The customizable, high end Lamplighter bench is resistant to rust, rain, snow and extreme heat and is considered to be the highest quality available bench on the market.  You can advertise your business or cause or memorialize a loved one of your choice.  With a lifetime guarantee, these are a great way to honor a loved one or cause while giving the community something to enjoy for decades to come


$2,500.00* (includes full engraving, shipping and installation)

Please note benches are no longer available for the Lincoln Avenue Trail!

Lamplighter Flower and Shrub Decor with Plaque


Market your business name or interest, or honor a loved one and help add color and vibrancy to our town as our Mini Garden volunteers maintain these high quality planters throughout town.  Made of the same high grade  material as the Lamplighter series bench, these planters last a lifetime and will be full of vibrant color for the entire planting season!  Annual flower  installation, ongoing maintenance and watering is on us!

$1,550.00 New planter, plaque, and annual/long term maintenance of flowers

$350 To claim and install a plaque on a new preexisting planter that was recently installed downtown.



22 gallon Receptacle with lid and Plaque

lncludes engraving, shipping, maintenence and installation)Engrave your business name or cause and help keep our town neat, clean and litter free!  Made of the same high grade material as the Lamplighter series bench, these last a lifetime and continue to add class to our downtown.  Help us replace the old, dilapidated plastic brown recepticales throughout Latrobe. 

(includes shipping) 



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