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Celebrating 13 Years of Homegrown Entreprenuership!

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Developing a new habit of shopping local in addition to your normal spending routines is an great way to make a substantial impact on your community!  Almost half of every dollar you spend in downtown Latrobe is reinvested locally!  

As we continue to see our core downtown stabilize and grow as new businesses and industries are filling once vacant store fronts we encourage you to be part of the solution by supporting some of the great food, great service and overall great products that Latrobe has to offer.
Did you know? 

80% of customers have come to expect and recieve superior customer service experiences from small, locally owned businesses that Latrobe offers as compared to shopping in big box retail chain stores?


The Great American Banana Split Celebration!

 Please visit the below link for details for this years Great American Banana Split Celebration here in Latrobe! 


In 2013, the City of Latrobe was awarded a Pennsylvania Historical Marker for being the official birthplace of the banana split!  Dr. David E Strickler invented the first banana split dessert in the early 1904. His motivation was a desire to come up with a treat sweet enough to entice Saint Vincent College students to come into downtown Latrobe to patronize his shop. From this determination in early 2013, City leaders were off and running in planning for how the community could properly celebrate this designation. To help us do this, officials from Saint Vincent reached out to multi-national corporation, Dole Fresh Fruit, in the hopes they would partner in our Great American Banana Split Celebration (GABSC). They did. Following four months of intense planning, City patriarch Arnold Palmer, Congressman Tim Murphy and other dignitaries helped the community dedicate and unveil the historic marker on August 23, 2013! This event caught national media attention that included the Associated Press, National Public Radio,, Fox News, Good Morning America, the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Orlando Sentinel and countless other news outlets.