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Professional Committees 


The committee’s primary purpose is to enhance and promote the image and vision of the future of downtown Latrobe. This is actualized by actively assisting downtown businesses by expanding their visibility through coordinated and collective marketing efforts. It also promotes tourism by developing and planning one major and several seasonal events.



This committee is geared towards finding new or better uses of currently underutilized land and buildings, to support the development and expansion of business enterprises, as well as medium to high density housing. Through the collection of data and use of quantitative analysis, this committee assists City and County authorities to implement effective land use plans for commercial, residential or industrial development.



This essential committee is comprised of community leaders and executive board members and handles staffing and volunteer issues, the integration of short- and long-term planning, fund raising and most other decisions that require strategic thinking and action.

DESIGN  Sub Committee: FACADE
This committee oversees the overall design and implementation of building rehabilitation, new store fronts (Facade), street furniture, banners, signage, volunteer coordination and all things beautification! The group works at getting Main Street into top physical shape, capitalizing on its best assets, while helping property and business owners think creatively about improving the street-side appearance of their building.  Our committee consists of design architects, professional contractors, city officials, the mini garden group and other urban landscape design specialists.  

"The LCRP is a leader in Latrobe's community development that fosters downtown historic preservation, safety, sustainability, walkability and business vitality through partnerships to cultivate "a beautiful day in our neighborhood."
  Our downtown slogan: 
"Welcome to our Neighborhood!  #ShopLocalLatrobe"  
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